Pac-man or Pie charts in stride

it is possible in skia, but is it possible in stride or fuse?

This is what I found sometime about that topic.

am a heavy user of textureFX that are only available in stride, so I need it in stride and having it in a skia layer feels wrong and unnecessary.

Just use the SkiaRenderer node and a RenderTexture it’s directly rendering on the GPU into the texture in that case.

Also look into the Circle texturefx node.

Gave it a go. Isn’t closing correctly yet (Factor needs to be > 1). Also not sure about the texture coordinates.

CircleSegmentMesh.vl (54.0 KB)

@bjoern that is awesome, and a great patch for learning about making my own mesh. I haven’t yet gotten to that, but it is on the schedule.
Thanks a lot

To fix the closing you would need to clone and modifiy CreateCircleSpread like this:


Thanks @bjoern and @tgd

I do have a new problem

When copying the nice new CircleSegmentMesh, it almost work, I get red nodes and i have traked it down to the patch by @bjoern is having Stride.Core.Mathematics.dll as a forward dependency. How do I get my patch to have that as a forward dependency too, so I can use the fancy new circle?

Figured it out, I found out where Stride.Core.Mathematics.dll was.

@devvvs Is it very difficult to make a system that automatically promts you if you want to add the needed dependencies when pasting stuff that requires it. that would be very helpful.


These Create (Vector3) nodes in CircleVertices are the only thing that depends on that dll.

You can do the same with normal Vector Join/Split nodes:


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as of vvvv gamma 2021.4.11 there is a new primitive called Disk that resembles the functionality of the Segment nodes in vvvv beta.


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