Overlaying several filetextured quads

dear vvvvorum,

i’m just starting out with vvvv, so please be lenient if the answer is obvious.

i attached my patch (made using vvvv 8.1) where i’m trying to do the following:
create a spread with several stacks of textures (1_0001.png, 1_0002…; 3_0001.png, 3_0002…), send them to a subpatch that textures a quad, and render these.
now what happens is that i’m only getting one quad with each texturestack playing back after the other, while i actually would like to have several “layers”, where each textureblock is played back simultaneously (sp?) and blended into the other.

which point am i missing?

best regards,

ps: nevermind the “reload cache” IObox in subp_videolayer, its fed from another patch which i’ve not included.