Output x file - vertex shader


Still trying to get a hang of things but I am having a great time playing around with all the nice shader samples from everyone. Therefore I was wondering, is it possible to write/output an xfile from a grid, for example, that has been altered by a vertex shader? Guess there is the XFILE Writer but how do I get an xmesh (after vertex shader manipulation) to put into the input node of the Writer? Is this idea correct?

Thanks much.

Vertex shading is done on your grapphics adapter. so for what i know the only possible output goes to your renderer.

but it should be possible to rebuild the vertex operations in vvvv and apply them to the mesh BEFORE inputting into the .fx.
well, depending on what you want to achieve.

if you want to reuse the xfile in vvvv again you could do this:
store the vertex positions of your deformed mesh in a floating point texture. for this you need a shader, which should be quite simple.
then you load the resulting texture in another shader with the “tex2Dlod” semantic (vertex texture fetch) and define, that the rgb-values of each pixel represent the xyz-position of the vertices. note, that the resolution of the texture should be the same like the resolution of the new mesh/grid. that works great to regenerate meshes in vvvv, but there’s no way to write an x-file from it, i guess.
it just depends on what you want to do with the specific mesh/xfile…

nice idea.

afterwards you could feed Pipet (EX9.Texture) and use RGB (Color) Split to get back your vertices.
join them back using
VertexBuffer (EX9.Geometry) Join and Mesh (EX9.Geometry) Join using the former indices you get using Mesh (EX9.Geometry) Split.
beware a known bug that you’ll have to connect a “blind” VertexBuffer (EX9.Geometry) Split here to make the MeshSplit evaluate.

you should be able to use Writer (EX9.Geometry) XFile then.

but search the vvvvorums/vvvviki for a phenomenon which shifts ,ahm, dont know precise now, DX9texture by 1 pixel to the right/down or similar…
this might be a nice vertex puzzle

yes really nice idea, if anybody do that, please report here

wow! thats a pretty cool idea but probably a bit over my head in terms of building it at this point, even though concept wise, totally understand it.

actually the reason why i wanted to do this was that, for example, with those nice supershape shaders, it would be cool if i could export the mesh to an xfile and then import that into some 3D app like 3dsmax and do stuff with it there and so forth.

so this would be the only way probably, huh?

Just wondering if anyone has a really simple sample of this type of workflow to output an xfile? Wish I was a bit more familiar with v4. Hopefully get there soon with all you guys’ help =)

a simple sample?
might be that you keep on wondering…

i think it’s more simple to reconstruct the vertex operations “outside” with vvvv.