Output vvvvideo to application expecting webcam?

Is there a way to output video from vvvv to an application like Skype or really any app that is looking for a webcam? I’d like to use the face detection and add a video overlay in VVVV and pipe it into a different application which is expecting a webcam. Could this work with some sort of virtual camera driver, or is it even more simple than that? VideoOut(DShow9 Device) looks kind of promising, but for driver I just have (nil).

Skype is quite fun with this…

from software tool links, always worth a look.

VH Screen Capture Driver is a DirectShow filter, which emulates Video Capture card and captures screen activity.Do you want to capture screen content, but your favorite capture software doesn’t support capture from screen? Now, with VH Screen Capture Driver, you can select capture for screen as a virtual device in any DirectShow-based capture application.VH Screen Capture Driver is designed to be highly compatible with DirectShow capture software and is optimized to provide best performance. It can be used with any DirectShow-based application which you like as a capture source, still the capture speed depends on specific software. VH Screen Capture Driver allows to keep aspect ratio during resize, and follow mouse pointer when output size less than capture area. It a good solution to broadcast screen content through network (internet), because you can reduce required bandwidth and keep good video quality.

Ah yes, I definitely should have checked the software tools list, because I know I’ve read about doing stuff like this before. I think what I’m actually looking for is something more like VCam, http://www.e2esoft.cn/vcam/, which can hopefully work without actually capturing the screen. There will be an application running fullscreen which I can’t interfere with.

This Vcam sounds like the same procedure as VH Captures use. Most of this software works as a simple screen capture driver, which needs a screen to be captured. So if your target is hidden by other windows it wont work.
Just try VH Cpature, there is an option that lets you choose your target window. Not sure if it still be captured if its hidden. And I more like the older version, as I got stability troubles at newer and pimped-up-GUI version.
A different approach, and for sure faster, is streaming your video over localhost. Is your destination software able of taking Freeframe or shared memory?

Frank- you’re right, I have the same issues with VCam, the way it was worded made it sound different than VH Screen Capture. I guess I was hoping to pipe the render output into a video out (devices) node that would let me select this “virtual driver” which ideally would emulate a webcam output on the other end. I’m ultimately trying to get this into an environment I’m not at all familiar with (and this was supposed to be a quick fix) so I was hoping to do it without modifying the application that I want to pipe the video into, which is setup to access a webcam directly. Maybe it won’t be such a quick fix after all, hehe.