Output Viewports to Projector in Badmapper

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It might be a simple question, but Im stuck. I am playing around with Badmapper and was wondering how I can output the individual Viewports from the Viewportgrid to the Projectors, or am I misunderstanding the fundamental concept of the Viewportgrid?

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did you see the “Simple Viewport Mapping” example in the helpbrowser? if so, what information are you missing from it?

Yes, and I like the idea of using the HomographyCamera to map content, but in the example all Viewports are rendered into one SceneWindow and I wouldn’t know how to distribute it to my projectors. I feel like Im missing something obvious.

Sorry, let me be more specific. I see that the ProjectionMapping Node outputs a Spread of IRenderers, but with my workaroungs I never get the same result as the viewports in the viewportgrid

say you have two projectors connected to your PC. you make sure the windows desktop is spanning across both. now you simply go fullscreen witht the SceneWindow and it will span both projectors. left viewport on left projector, right viewport on right projector.

can you demonstrate what you mean in a patch?

I have to say, apart from using triple heads, I have rarely spanned my displays, but have had 2,3 or 4 separate windows and displays, does badmapper not include a way of doing that? (I haven’t looked at it tbh, all my mappings have been done in beta, and not in bad mapper) We should have both variations, with caveats if necessary, in the past I’ve had displays you couldn’t span across.

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while i’d say spanning is always preferrable unless not possible, yes you can also do one window per output easily with badmapper.