Output to windows

I have a problem. I want to stitch the picture of two or more webacams and the send the output to windows (e.g Amcap) in order to use the combined output in windows.
First part I solved, I can render the result but Amcap does not seem to be able to “capture” it?
ther must be a way I am sure but I was not able to find it…


what about a screencapture tool like fraps oder cam studio and grap the vvvv window directly?

Thanks Tonfilm,
but I actually don’t want to record it. I need it for CCV as I want to build a multitouch surface. It is no problem to get two different TUIO inputs to work with VVVV but I want to merge two or more cameras into one big “videostream” that I can feed into CCV (previously Tbeta). Then I could do blob detection etc there and can reuse it for flash or whatever application CCV supports.

try VH Screen Capture Driver listed here

Hi Kalle,
I loved the software. I can see the stitched video in Amcap but can not get a picture in CCV. Will have to try around a bit…
Thanks a lot…