Outline Effect; Contrast After Blur, Discard Alpha?

I used to have a trick in resolume to make an outline around me when shooting in front of a green screen.

I would duplicate the video channel of me with keyed out alpha background.

Add blur, then Threshold. All the blur would turn white and lose all gradiency. Just a solid white blob, slightly bigger than me. A nice outline :D

Any way to do this in VVVV?

When I try my method, the blur gets a hard edge, no more gradient, but retains the alpha gradiency!

Hope this makes sense, any solutions?

Any other fun way of making an outline around a texture’s edge?

Thanks :D

can you show your patch? probly a simplified version that really only shows this:



If I’m not mistaken, the second ‘ChangeFormat’, set to A2R10G10B10, is doing most of the “Threshold-iness”

Any other method is welcome as well, maybe a way to scale each pixel up a little or something to that effect? Just looking to get a dynamic, solid, outline :D

Thanks again!

Can you post your patch and jpg instead of web cam, don’t think you need change format, and if you do so you need to change it back, formats are for some special stuff like lightning multiplication position modification, you would’t really use them unless you know what’s exactly you are doing


The first ChangeFormat seems to be necessary to get alpha to work in general, try turning it off to see. (better method I’m not aware of?)

The second ChangeFormat appears to (sort of) do what the HSCB and Threshold don’t, that is, remove the Blur Filter’s alpha gradient.

Here’s a stripped down version of the patch :D

outline.v4p (9.3 KB)

And a picture.



Well picture soposed to be image from your camera

outline.zip (937.8 KB)

Cool, looks great!

I hadn’t tried with DX11 stuff, generally stay away from it as it’s too laggy on my live input compared to DShow9… I’ll keep experimenting :D

I had some decent results with DShow9. If anyone has similar ‘choppiness’ with DX11, this could be for you!

Used a Preview Node to “Bake In” the alpha layer, run it into a DX9 Texture Node and then process it from there as desired :D

outline.v4p (14.0 KB)

Thanks for the help and inspiration @antokhio!

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