Outdoor tracking


i’ll start with the question and then give the details about the situation.

what ways are there to get a reliable motion detection / tracking in an outdoor environment, having only one cam which should at the same time produce a decent picture?

here’s the project:

in a small park there will be a 42" plasma. its supposed to be used for presentations, lectures and public viewing, the inputs being more or less freely accessible. it’s also possible to play and create quizzes, using two steles with buzzers and knobs standing in front of the display.

we thought it would be nice to also have some games/installations based on motion capturing for people to play with. once set up it should be open for contributions. we also thought about a proper contest if we get the funding.

i have done some work with eyesweb in the past, but only small scale and indoors. due to fast lighting changes in the open and background movement through wind etc i figure a simple background subtraction is out of the question. what about motion detection? is it possible to do some halfway precise stuff even when a cloud suddenly shoves before the sun, light constantly changing during the day?

suggestions would be highly appreciated!

thx so much