Outdoor skeleton tracking during daylight?

Happy Sunday-Morning, evvvverybody!

For an upcoming event I need to do some skeleton tracking - this time outdoor and during normal daylight. Kinect won’t work, neither will Asus Xtion. I also thought of the EyesWeb-Project, but it doesn’t seem to be that stable.
Are there any other sensors/techniques where no motion capturing suites are needed?
Maybe something with two standard rgb-cams capturing a stereoscopic image…?

The underlying idea is to just do some motion capturing and apply it to a cartoon character…

Thanx a lot + all the best!


Thank you, seems to be a professional weapon of choice!

I tested D-Imager around 2 years ago and it’s was really bad, especially in terms of software (no stable skeleton tracking at all). Depth map is really low res and maybe a little bit more sensitive under the day light. I definitely not recommend this hardware.

Has anybody resolved this kind of issue?

There seem to be regular multi-cam tracking options. This would help with IR Daylight issues.


Sadly this option does not work in realtime. :/

I ve used ipisoft and it s a nice piece of software but yeah, the iddue her eis doing ti realtime, any news about Kinect2 ?

Extreme Reality could be the solution for outdoor skeleton tracking.