Outdoor capable industrial PCs

Hi vvvvolks,
I’m currently looking for outdoor capable (-5C - 50C, obviously placed in a kiosk) industrial PCs. Small would be nice.
I’ve been trying the ELIT-1200 ( http://www.arbor.com.tw/jp/product/product.aspx?Product_Name=ELIT-1200&os_id=1&version=+Default ) but the VVVV performance is quite poor. Probably because of the non-dedicated graphics card.
What have you been using recently?

Maybe this:

My latest build is a i7 3770-T on a X77 Express board in a fanless housing. It performes quite well with the integrated Intel HD4000 graphics but the temperature range starts at 0°C.


Thanks dnmeid, that looks interesting. Did you ever have hands onto that? Would you think the GPU is strong enough for some FullHD 2d animation (and FullHD video playback)? Some textures, nothing too fancy. But 60fps would be required.

It will depend on the CPU, your patch and the resolution. With a good CPU (i.e. i7) and full HD you should be able to get >30fps. This should be sufficient for average needs, why do you need 60fps?
If you optimize the patch, video-codec and so on you may get more fps.
Also keep in mind, that with a VTd capable CPU you get AMT KVM support, that means a full hardware KVM where you can access the screen all the time.
This is a great feature in remote installations and I don’t want to miss it any more. AMT also gives you convenient network boot for installation and diagnosis.