Ossia score - spout - vvvv gamma

Hello there,

Did anyone has experience or used ossia score to send Video per Spout to Gamma or Beta Spout Receiver?
VVVV gamma sees here the active sender but Texture of the SpoutReceiver is always “null”.
Any hint?
Does someone knows what I have to take care or does someone knows a little SpoutTool to check if ossia score is sending?
Or any good simple alternativ to ossia score for some simple timeline videoplayback?

Greets CeeYaa

Spout itself comes with a simple demo receiver.

An issue I had once trying to send a Spout texture from a Python script to vvvv was that python.exe was using the laptop’s integrated graphics processor instead of the nvidia one.

As a result, Spout Monitor saw the texture as “CPU Share” and it seems that vvvv could not pick it up. I just set python.exe to run on the nvidia gpu via the nvidia panel and then vvvv picked it up normally.

Maybe that helps!

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Thanks @bjoern and @sebescudie

with a more analytic view, demo receiver and a night of sleep I found out how Score, Spout and Gamma are harmonizing.

There was a misunderstanding in the UI of Score and with Active Sender. Spout Receiver showed me that something was coming than I open gamma and it also worked suddenly. Score based on OpenGl but GraphicsSettings can be changed to Direct3D11 - for me OpenGL also works.

If I really can use ossia score for simple flexible arrangement of a lot of HD videos in 7 streams and then pipe it through gamma - I finally found it, “MY TIMELINER-TOOL” (I think I have to cry) so many years ;-P - Let’s see how stable it is when the timeline is 2hours long and have to run some days


Wow, this sounds really good! Is the video playback GPU accelerated, and if yes, what does it like best? HAP? DXV? Does it support alpha as well?

@Meierhans The Ossia Videoplayback supports HAP - Working with video | score documentation - but SPOUT in score doesn’t send Alpha or I didn’t understand how to define the Background in Score or if there is even an option

I was very euphoric at the beginning because SCORE has lot of nice feature, is fast and stable but is not even a real Timeliner where I easy can scrub in a Timeline or enter a Position by text

so I stll have to search “MY TIMELINER-TOOL”

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