OSCemote iPhone to vvvv

Hello boys…
I was playing around with TouchOSC on iPhone but the app didn’t make me very happy as there is no XY multitouch slider and no access to the accelerometer.
OSCemote has this features:
here some more details on the OSC messages: http://code.google.com/p/oscemote/wiki/ListOfOSCMessages

I did a little patch which does the multitouch trick and the accelerometer. For some funny reason i didn’t manage to get the “easy” values for the buttons and sliders…
maybe someone has the app and would like to play around a bit with me on the patch.

OSCemote (Devices iPhone).v4p (25.4 kB)

im not at home righ not, but i was able to do it at it works really well

you have diferent pages on the settings, you have 2 big xy touch and another xy fullscreen
and the sliders im using are multi touch, you can move 4 at the same time ( you need slim finguers :P )

latter i will upload my patch

hey zepi i download yout patch, it works great, tnks for the multitouch feature

i leave you all my patch that i use with Touch OSC
i only map the page 2 of Mix16 + the acelerometer

TouchOscVVVV.zip (8.0 kB)