OSCDecoder support for Double (d)

I have recently been connecting vvvv with ETC’s EOS Nomad (EOS lighting deck’s software in a PC version). This works great, EOS has extensive OSC support! However, some values that EOS returns are of type Double (d) and this is a surprising issue with OSCDecoder. It only supports Float (f), Integer (i) and String (s) ?!
Any chance to get OSCDecoder to support Doubles?

As a workaround I was trying to reformat EOS’ response, by turning type d into f. But applying this kind of a replace operation to an UDP nodes Output of type Raw has proven to be a bit beyond me. Any help/leads/advice?

indeed, the vvvv beta OSCDecoder doesn’t support doubles. the solution would be receiving OSC via VL.

If you’re unfamiliar with VL, start here. Then watch the How to Receive OSC Messages.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Thanks. I guess building a custom OSC receiver/decoder would make sense.

(Though I have to admit there is some beauty in the simplicity and directness of classic vvvv, that I’m missing in VL. It’s full-fledged C# coding; powerful, but forces the user to become a proper coder.
Ofc this is off topic.)

not really, because it is already there in VL, where it can be used just like that:

grafik (8.3 KB)

VL definitely requires a few more things to learn, but the whole point why we’re doing it is that you don’t have to become a “proper” coder, but still have access to so many more features than you have with vvvv beta. at least that is what we’re aiming for…