OSC wildcards: *, ? etc

I’m just experimenting with a touchOSC interface containing a 16x16 multitoggle. Every toggle has the address-pattern


e.g. the first toggle in the first row is addressed with


Now it would be quite an effort to make a list of all possible addresses and patch the nodes to process each toggle state (256 adresses and corresponding nodes).

Is there a way to work with wildcards with the existing OSC-Nodes in vvvv? For example the addresses


Or is the best way to write a plugin for that?

I would do like this

ManyOSCAddresses.v4p (7.1 kB)

Thanks sunep, I already had a similar solution for the automatic creation of the address-patterns. But do you know a way to process all the corresponding osc-messages without adding 256 GetSlice nodes (one for every address)?

I would like to change the 0 / 1 states of an IOBox (Toggle) with 16 rows and 16 columns. With the row and column information of the address-pattern ( e.g. /1/multitoggle/2/3 for toggle 3 in row 2 ) I could easily set the right slice of that IOBox.
Are there any nodes to process OSC messages in that way?


I would do something like this then

ManyOSCAddresses2.v4p (21.1 kB)

Wow! That’s perfect, thank you very much for your help, sunep! I didn’t know that powerful select-(value) node yet.