OSC recieve in gamma not working


I’m trying all the options, deactivate the firewall, I have the correct settings, but gamma recieves the adress of the osc, but doesn’t write the value coming from grasshopper. It’s my 5th hour trying to make it work. I have the dependencie enabled, everything well setup.

P.D: I’m on gamma 2021.4.0.0396

Thanks a lot in advance

It looks like you’re receiving a string (s in the data preview IOBox), but your OSCReceiver node is connected to a Float IOBox. What if you put a String IOBox instead?

Also, did you try an OSC monitor tool such as Protokol?

it’s possible!
Because I’m sending a potentiometer reading from arduino serial port with the print command thru grasshopper/firefly. Gonna try!


yes, taht was the issue. I see the data type in the info panel, very neat. I converted the string to a floating number in grashopper, and niow appears as a float in gamma. Very cool.


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