OSC PatternMatching broken

there is a little bug that breaks pattern matching in OSCMessage (OSC.Core.vl)


manually creating the Break output is not allowed for some reason.

hei motzi,

is this really causing an issue? it is a known problem for some patches saved with older versions to not show ‘Break’ outputs in loops. but to our knowing the patches are still working that’s why we considered it of a lower priority. so obvioulsy this will be fixed but shouldn’t actually be the cause of any problem. unless you can demo a case…

well, i started investigating because OSC patternmatching was not working at all (trying to use wildcards like * in adresses, like /adress/* ). since the break never turns true i figured there must be a problem here.

i don’t think a demo patch is nescessary here - just try to match any osc adress with a wildcard. for me it did not work.

i’m afraid you’ll have to demo your issue, because this works:

allright - sorry, that’s a mistake on my side.
My understanding of pattern matching was the other way round (seeing it as some kind of Sift operation to filter out matching adresses using wildcards).

reading the specification again makes it quite clear though:

When an OSC server receives an OSC Message, it must invoke the appropriate OSC Methods in its OSC Address Space based on the OSC Message’s OSC Address Pattern. This process is called dispatching the OSC Message to the OSC Methods that match its OSC Address Pattern. All the matching OSC Methods are invoked with the same argument data, namely, the OSC Arguments in the OSC Message.

thanks for clearing this up

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