Osc over internet

Hi all,
Trying to send OSC data over the internet to another computer. The girlpower patch attached is my starting point.

I just would like to know what is the correct IP address to type in the UDP(network client) assuming that target computer is connected to a router. Is that the global IP address of the target PC?

I am trying to send and receive in loop on my computer, using my global IP address and two Ports (in-going and outgoing) opened from Firewall, but nothing is happening…

Any advise?

Hope my question is clear…

Thanks a lot

Controller.v4p (38.9 kB)

I was opening my firewall ports while I should open the ports from the router settings…:O)

You will need to open the ports in the windows firewall on both machines.
The address to send has to be the external internet ip address of the target router (usaually assigned to you by your internet provider).
Beside that you need to configure port forwarding on the target router so incoming internet data on a certain port gets forwarded through network address translation to your local machine´s address behind that router.

Have no experience with it, but maybe this is also interesting for you:


Be curious to hear about what the best solution is.