OSC One way ticket


i have a vvvv / eyesweb connection via osc (localhost) but only one way (vvvv -> eyesweb) works fine.

any suggestions?



Do a search in the old vvvvorums http://vvvv.org/board.

I remember that kiilo did a patch communicating vvvv pd in both directions.
perhaps this helps.

another thing:
@MSBERGER has some experience with eyesweb. Message him . I’m sure he helps when he can

kind regards


thanks first. but
kiilos patch also work just in one direction (vvvv -> eyesweb) .
it must be a problem in vvvv because a test from eyesweb to reaktor was sucessful.



Hi Ingolf,

I think the problem you have to send via OSC from Eyesweb to vvvv is the same I had when VVVV was migrating from 6.x to 7.4.
The discussion can be found in the old forum http://vvvv.org/board/index.php?showtopic=623&hl=osc

I hope this helps


anybody into brushing up the little tutorial at HowTo Use vvvv with EyesWeb ?

thanks markus,

i set the right inlet to discard and the protocol inlet to 1.0 (udp) and it works fine now.



right. that is to say:
vvvvs implementation of the osc-protocol is independent of the underlaying network protocol. most other programs only allow sending osc over udp. therefore receiving from those programs is only possible via udp.