OSC holding samples

Hello there,

i am currently trying to send osc data via network to vvvv.
i have done this with a nodemcu (esp8266) which is an accespoint which sends data from a 9d0f IMU (bno055) to vvvv.

the problem right now is that the data seems to be send too slow to vvvv.

in my arduino code there is a delay of only “7” which should result in at least 140fps.

wireshark says that there is enough data send at one second to fill the 60fps in vvvv.

but in vvvv i dont get a constant stream of data. it flickers between the actual incoming number and a nil the all the time.

is there something wrong with my settings in the patch?

and is it possible to hold the number from the frame before instead of a nil?

many thanks


OSC_Bundle.v4p (6.3 kB)

first put the AvoidNIL above the S+H in order to get always the last value. hope that helps.

thanks a lot!! it worked :)