Osc and fiducials

hi all !

i have some dv cable troubles…

quickly i need just to set a simple and basic osc sending / receiving informations from fiducials from an old laptop.

never taken the time to put myselves inside osc deeply. can anyone suggest me how to uncode my string in a proper way than this (wich show me not really what i was testing ( test with 2 fiducials, repetition here of only 3 args)?

thks ! ???:-(

osc_test.v4p (10.0 kB)

hum… using fiducial’s beautiful simulation…

I m still having troubles on one precise point:

I would like to use also the number of Fiducials detected.

-how to use this number to generate the patern type in string of the osc encoder: aka: 2 fiducials founded is “ffffffff”; 1 is “ffff” ; 4 will generate “ffffffffffffffff”…

-my other main interrogation is:
how to set on receiver the stallone number of spreads to avoid doubles:
-a second osc decoder/encoder (wich is here doesnt work)?

-a cons different way to receive in the same message the number of fiducials detected ?

voilà ! any kind and gentle help will be very appreciated ;-)

FiducialTracker.zip (545.4 kB)

ai kristouf,

you’re not far off. just connect a Count to the Vectors output and connect its output to a Repeat (String) with its Text set to ‘f’. like this you have the correct number of f’s for the oscencoder.

on the decoder you know that you’ll get 4 values for each fiducial so you can divide the received spreadcount by 4 to get the actual fiducial count (which you can feed intos Stallone).

thanks joreg about repeat(string) !
about the count things I arrived to it ( inspekt inspekt inspekt ).

in intern on same pc the sending / receiving osc was not refresh as it should. sometimes , with the simulation and the patch here, I had 3 fiducials detected and not 2 ( 1 being doubled)…
but repeat (string) made it work properly !
thats works, thats a good good thing ! ;-) ( an happy karistouf)

FiducialTracking (Tutorial).v4p
wow… really looks amazing, is it meant to allow making stuff similar to ReacTable? That is what the images remind me of.

yes yes yes. I dont know who commit it, but is avoiding to have a camera for test.
otherwise, real work with fiducial is very dependant of a lot of factors and is not as easy and smooth than the simulation…