Orthographic Topview on SDF?

Hi there,

How can I get an orthographic top view onto an SDF? The setup below doesn’t seem to work:

The scene window gives me an output with perspective distortion:

Can it be that raymarching and ortho view doesn’t go along well? Same setup with meshes works fine. Is there something I have missed?

thanks a lot!

Fuse raymarching does not yet seem to support orthographic projection.

I think I can temporarily solve this by adding the following to the setupRay function in FuseRayMarchBase.sdsl in the Fuse library.

if (Projection[2].w == 0.0) 
	rd = -normalize(ViewInverse[2].xyz);
	ro = mul(float4(mul(float4((uv.xy*2-1)*float2(1,-1),0,1),ProjectionInverse).xy,0,1),ViewInverse).xyz;

thanks a lot!