Organisational Principles

So at the moment I am really having a breakthrough with VVVV, but my patchs are starting to look like digital spaghetti no matter how hard I try to keep things organised. I know that this is bound to happen with some degree, its alot better to be able to see the data flow than just having to imagine it like with text based coding, but yeah, being a bit of a clean freak I am looking for ways to clean things up a bit. I’ve got to using descriptions on nodes alot more so i can more easily see what is going on there.

Im imagining being able to send and receive data between aspects of the circuit without needing to have a long connection from one part to another, so rather than having to trace back a long connection across multiple screens sometimes I can just check a pin to see what is sending and what is receiving. I can imagine using this to creat a sort of patch bay where important bits of data that are used throughout the circuit can be grouped together to make it easier to integrate them in various modules.

I don’t know if it has been discussed before, but something that comes to mind is being able to colour nodes and connections differently to differentiate different parts of the circuit more clearly.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to organise more complex patches in ways that are aesthetically pleasing and make it easier to get in and do modifications without having to have the feeling of untangling a sort of digital rat king?

Have you tried making subpatches? they help tremendously.

see: in particular:


Thanks heaps, I didn’t realise that grouping nodes put them in a sub-patch. Makes things way easier. And that article is bonza xx

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