Optimizing the Model for Morphing

Hi! everybody
Frankly to say I’m totally beginner to learn vvvv.
Now I’m tring to morph the two diffrent Models.
I understood how we can make the patch for the Morphing.
but actually I modeled the diffrent faces by using Maya 6.5,
it means I translated some vertcies several time to deform
the models.(I used all kinds of the methods, that I can use, cluster, lattice,
sculpting and so on and so forth). They had same verticies in maya.
But after I exported by using directX exporter and loaded them in the Xfile object, the numbers of verticies
are different!

but there was no problem scaling the model or translate, except verticies in maya to export with directX plugin.


can anybody help me?

thanks a lot!


I got it! very funny isn’t it?
Until now I tried to find the solution to optimize model…
there are some problems to export the model by using directX
exporter for maya 6.5… maybe it could be possible to be seperated
some verticies, but it could be optimized with meshviewer in directX,
there are specific fuctions to weld the seperated verticies, then we
can reduce the problematci vericies…

but I don’t know yet, what is the real problem to export the mesh
with the format .x to vvvv…or the gameengine…

maybe it could be next question…for me…

the World is so nice, isn’t it?

I hope so, it could be nice information for all…

i guess the problem is indeed one of optimization. when saving a model to .x from a 3d application some optimization takes place: if two vertices are very close one of them is removed. since you transform your model for the second morphtarget the changed vertex-layout may result in a different optimization.

does the maya-exporter have an option to disable optimization?

be careful with welding vertices. if you have a complicated (atlas) texturelayout the additional vertices may be needed for correct display of the texture. those vertices would be welded since they have the same position. but they may have different texture coordinates.

thanks joreg!
about your nice explanation about the optimization.
Actually there was no optimizations optionbox in maya for weld vertices!
Just to define the paths for .fx file and texture and so on
and so forth…even it has quite different interface from directX.

But fortunately in directX there is Meshviewer utility to weld the verticies
and I have allready experienced yesterday to check how it does function, like that you explained us…
That was not so easy to get same vericies between orginal and target

As you said, I should be carefull to weld it…

For other peoples it could be better post images.

meshviewer has several function to optimize it,

1.Remove Back To Back Triangles
2.Regenerated Adjacency
3.Partial Weld Vertices
4.Do Not Remove Vertices
5.Weld All Vertices

But other way I heard about other version for maya 5,
it could be better than maya 6, 6,5.
I didn’t tried it yet.
If I tried it, I could post images on website…

thanks a lot one more time…
it could be very helpfull to prepare one Performance…in Germany.


sampleimages.zip (213.8 kB)