Optical Flow Port

So I’m trying to port the optical flow patches as mentioned

Using a max patch and glsl shaders from

I’ve copied the glsl into some templates debugged it, (I think, trial and error more than knowing what I’m doing ;-\ )
But it doesn’t seem to be doing much…
I’ve tried float32 dx textures as that seems to be what the max patch is doing in the vimeo but maybe they’re jus meant to be 32bit textures…
Anyone fancy having a look see?

opticalflow.zip (15.1 kB)

so did you ever get some kind of optical flow thing done in vvvv?
i’ve found this: http://dasl.mem.drexel.edu/~noahKuntz/openCVTut9.html#Step%201
and this: http://gpu4vision.icg.tugraz.at/index.php?content=downloads.php (look for FlowLib - but seems to be 64bit only)


nice, thank you :)