Operations with Matrices or Vectors in the dynamic plugins


Does anybody know where are the methods concerning operations with matrices and vectors in the dynamic plugins, described in this hidden (the link in namespaces is broken) page : pluginspecs/ ?
I do not find them, or equivalent ones.

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that would be here now: pluginspecs/Index.html?topic=html/N_VVVV_Utils_VMath.htm

Thank you.
But sorry, I was not clear in my thread. My question was, how to use these methods in coding in dynamic plugins ? They are not there. For example, I would like to use Decompose or Multiply methods.


You can also use SlimDX matrices in dynamic plugins.

So you can easily for ISpread instead of ISpread

You can already multiply Matrix4x4, just use * operator (overload is there for both types).

Decompose is only in SlimDX Matrix tho (returns translate/scale as vector3 + rotation as quaternion).

the documentation is a bit unclear with operators, actually the Multiply method is the * operator, Subtraction is -, Modulus is %, and so on… look at the descriptions, there is a little hint to what operator it is.

like vux said, the decompose method is part of the SlimDX matrix, you can use it for Matrix4x4 like:


no, sorry, i was wrong, you can use the Decompose method in vvvv matrices as well! just write:


Thank you for all these answers !

Ok for operators, it works. It’s not so unclear in the documentation, now it’s obvious for me (don’t understand why I didn’t see all that first time).

But Decompose doesn’t work with VVVV or SlimDX matrices. I can not declare a SlimDX matrix. I (re)installed SlimDX, is there something else to do ?
Is there a special “using” to insert ?

If not in there you should only need using SlimDX;

also make sure the library is in your references (add using the project explorer, CTRL+SHIFT+J).

I’m able to add SlimDX in references as you said (for other people who would have difficulties as I had, use the right click, choose add, then first select the item you want and add with the right click, finally confirm with OK).

But the plugin doesn’t compile, it tells me that the file SlimDX.dll can not be found.

You have 2 versions of slimdx (x86 and x64), so make sure you use the x86 one. Also make sure you use the june version.

Indeed I installed the March 2011 version. So I uninstalled it, then installed the June 2010 version ( When I try to add reference I have two SlimDX items (x86 and x64 as you say). I tried both (don’t know which one is the x86) without success, still the same message about the missing SlimDX.dll

I looked in the path bin\managed of the release I use (45beta25), I have a SlimDX.dll. Does vvvv use this one or an other ?

you shoud NOT install slimdx, that would only confuse versions and whatever. clone a plugin which uses slimdx, like the DX9 template or so and copy your code into it… should be the easiest way.

Ah thank you !!
This template has all the usings and references for manipulating matrices (more than the one I used : the Transform template). Now I have the 2 decompose methods (vvvv and SlimDX).