OpenXR broken in regular 2022.5 previews

hey there,
OpenXR is now part of the regular 2022.5 previews, right?
unfortunately it seems to be broken, i can’t get it running like it did in the 2022.5-0364-OpenXR build.

expected behaviour:

  • set windows OpenXR-runtime to the device used
  • run VR-patch
  • device backend should choose respective OpenXR backend

this is what happens with the Oculus Quest 2:

  • in 2022.5-0698
    • Oculus backend is chosen → therefore no hand tracking
  • in 2022.5-0364-OpenXR
    • OpenXR backend is chosen → handtracking available

this is what happens with a different device that supports either OpenVR or OpenXR (and I can selectively enable/disable a backend)

  • in 2022.5-0698
    • when OpenVR and OpenXR are enabled → OpenVR is chosen (no handtracking)
    • when only OpenXR is enabled → Dummy Api is chosen
  • in 2022.5-0364-OpenXR
    • when OpenVR and OpenXR are enabled → OpenXR is chosen (handtracking available)
    • when only OpenXR is enabled → OpenXR is chosen (handtracking available)

So something got lost in the merge of the regular and the OpenXR branch :(

One other thing I wondered: Is it possible to enforce a backend?

Just to be on the safe side, can you test once more with 699? 698 was a particular bad build.

okay, i just tried the same things as above with build 700 and got the same (negative) results.

thanks for the pointer. please test with latest preview now.

Looking good now, thanks for the fix!

To bring up the question from above again: world it make sense to have a pin for setting the backend explicitly?

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in theorie yes. in praxis i’d hope to sit this out until anything but OpenXR is obsolete, rather than spending time on making this switchable. if you want to provide this as a PR, we’d accept it.

see here regarding a solution for switchable VR backends:

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