OpenVR - Controllers Bug


I just discovered a bug concerning HTC Vive controllers.
I don’t know if anyone can reproduce it?

OpenVR v5.0
VVVV 35.8
SteamVR Version 2018-01-09 (1515522829)

  • I start the two controllers
  • Open 01_OpenVRDemo.v4p
  • Now I can draw with the controllers, everything works
  • I stop one controller (with the System button)
  • The other one no longuer works (you can see it, move it, but buttons do not work)
  • Restart the other controller again: buttons do not work
  • Restart VVVV: buttons do not work
  • Restart Steam and VVVV: buttons do not work

The only workaround I’ve found so far is rebooting the computer.
I don’t experience the bug in other SteamVR apps.


exactly! I got screwed over in theater hard, everything was warking, the theater starts - OhShitNotGettingAnyButtons, I had to finish everything manually.

What i suggest doing for now is setting controllers AND headset to never sleep when working, because the headset is receiver for controllers and if it sleeps it drops them.

I suspect the culprit must be steamVR update.

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