OpenNI plugin for 45beta27.1 crash when trying to render rgb

Hi everybody, I’m new to vvvv and having problems when trying to render rgb node (openni plugin).

I’ve installed successfully the required drivers:

  • OpenNI (32bit, stable, redist edition)
  • NITE (32bit, stable, redist edition)
  • SensorKinect091 (32bit)

I’m using the addonpack according to my vvvv version (45beta27.1) and everything seems to work fine except the rgb node.

I can render the depth and user nodes, but when I try to render the rgb node all I see is a glitchy image for some seconds, and then I receive a message from the Primesense Device Development Kit informing that it has stopped working (something related to XnSensorServer.exe):

Not sure whether this is a vvvv problem, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m on a macbook pro / bootcamp 3.2 / Win7 64bits

hei kxs,

i’d point my finger at the openni drivers. haven’t seen this myself this extreme (with crashes), but general glitches in the rgb image are a known issue. i’ve seen reports of this on the openni-dev list as well, but no answers.

so i assume we’ll have to wait for updated drivers regarding this problem.

I think you’re right, i’ve been trying to find the root of the problem by uninstalling/reinstalling drivers and i ended up having the same problem. I’ve downloaded the developement edition binaries and ran the compiled examples; all of them worked fine except the ones that use the .net wrapper. I get the same crash error as in vvvv:

So i guess that it has something to do with the .net wrapper… i give up on trying to make this work, but since i just need the rgb data for kinect-projector calibration, i was wondering if there’s another way to accomplish this in vvvv without needing the kinect rgb camera image.

In the meantime I’ll have a look at the OpenCV plugin thread to see if someone has came across the same issue.

Anyway, thanks for your help!

I’m facing the same problem. Did someone found a solution?
(same configuration: macbook pro / bootcamp 3.2 / Win7 64bits)

Having these issues as well, running on MBP + Bootcamp + Win7 64bit.
Microsoft Nodes work like a charm though - if you don’t necessarily need the OpenNI ones, check these out.