OpenNI driver versions for Kinect nodes

I’m using an xtion camera for a project, but I’ve yet to get any joy with driver versions and the kinect nodes, I can get opencv to see it, but the frame rate is very variable, ie mostly 30fps with nothing but a texture viewer, occasionally going to 60fps, a mainloop issue…

So what versions of openNI and drivers have you been successful with with beta28.1 and beta29?

no problems here with an xtion and the openni nodes:

Kinect (Devices OpenNI) says:

PrimeSense XnVSkeletonGenerator:
PrimeSense SensorV2:

i’m on win 8 x64 running 32bit vvvv (28.1 and 29) and of course the 32 bit versions of openni

Thanks Motzi.
I eventually gave up on that pc, installed the same drivers on my laptop and it works, I’m not very impressed with openni’s drivers, I’ve had many issues, too many things to install and too random as to whether they will work on not on a particular machine, wouldn’t like to do a commercial job with them!