Opening Shaders in 21.4.11

In 21.4.11 the standard setting does not allow to open library nodes and also shaders.

This can be confusing, especially for beginners, who explore helppatches like HowTo Write a custom ShaderFX Node or HowTo Write a shader:



Those patches should at least contain a hint in the description where to change the setting.

Please either use the short 4.11 or full 2021.4.11 as the version description. if there is now a third way or writing versions, it is going to be difficult for newcomers to understand what you mean.

Imho if there is a new setting, it should be disabled by default.
Maybe vvvv should come with a “what’s new in this version” window or a (first) start patch like it was in beta.

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@motzi Definitely an oversight on our part. It should of course be possible to open the shader. We will report back once this is functional again.

Fixed in upcoming.


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