Opening ImGUI help patches while patching makes UI bigger

Hey all,

This is on .5 preview 316 (RC5)

Just getting started with Channels and ImGUI… Channels look veryveryveryvery promising, guess it’ll take some time to get used to it but can definitely see the potential!

I was trying to patch a little GUI with ImGUI and noticed the following behavior : when opening help patches while patching, the more help patches you open, the “bigger” the UI gets.

  1. In a fresh document, reference ImGUI, ImGUI.Skia and Skia
  2. Create a simple layout with two tabs and stuff inside (see attached patch below)
  3. Open an ImGUI help patch from the help browser : the tabs will get bigger and space in between them will grow as well
  4. The more patches you open, the bigger the effect is

Initial state :


After opening one help patch :


After opening like 10 help patches :


It looks like they’re all “adding up” to something. Pressing F9 with all help patches open does not change anything, but closing them all and pressing F9 goes back to initial state. Funny how help patches seem to not be influenced by this behavior, only “my” patch.

imgui_layout.vl (11.9 KB)


Indeed thanks for the detailed report. There’s something not right with how the scaling gets applied. You shouldn’t see this effect if Monitor scaling is on 1. We have it on our list.


fixed in upcoming

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