OpenCV VideoIn freeze

VVVV beta 39 x64 freeze when i add “OpenCV VideoIn” node, same behavior VVVV gamma 2019.2.0.
any suggestions

@envoy I just tested on both gamma and beta and had no issues. Can you provide specific versions, TTY output if any, exception message if any and camera make and model please?

Also, does your camera work properly with the ImagePack?

the camera is a built-in webcam (Realtek DMFT -RGB) in a Dell OptiPlex

with VideoIn (DShow9) it works

vvvv beta/gamma freezes when i connect the OpenCV VideoIn node with the OpenCV Renderer

is there a tty renderer for vl, the regular tty renderer gives no feedback

Version is the latest beta 39 x64 and Gamma 2019.2.0

I have already uninstalled and reinstalled everything, same result

@envoy can you provide spcific gamma version information please?

Check the About menu entry in gamma to find the specific build you are using.

As for beta are you using the standard beta or the preview version?

It might be worth to clean up any old installs of VL.OpenCV, which depending on the version you are using might live at:

C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Local\vvvv\beta-preview_x64\nugets


C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Local\vvvv\gamma-preview\nugets

Delete any directory containing VL.OpenCV in there and try a fresh nuget install to see if that helps.

unfortunately it does not help. i deleted the nuget folder and installed vvvv (standard beta) completely new including all Microsoft Visual C++ software packages.

it seems to be a basic problem with my camera/driver. if i uninstall the camera and then add the videoin node vvvv does not freeze.

i will now get another webcam and see how it behaves.

thanks for sharing.

the installation of “K-Lite Mega” also fixes the OpenCV VideoIn problems for me. I had already installed the Basic package, but something in the Mega was probably necessary.

I’m glad this fixed your problem but I wouldn’t recommend it as a solution to others unless they had already installed a K-Lite pack before hand.
Why? In short K-Lite can cause problems that it seems you require more K-Lite to fix. K-Lite does a lot of OS registry rewriting and forces all of your media to rely upon it, and its very difficult to disentangle yourself from it once you have gone down that void. The alarm bell for me was that you couldn’t use a camera with OpenCV.

What this means is that you had the correct codec previously and it was overridden with a not so good one provided by K-Lite pack. Its packs are pretty scatter gun in quality, but they also become default and thus break things that shouldn’t be broken. This really shouldn’t happen in normal circumstances.

My advice is avoid K-Lite packs from the start, because they are difficult to debug and similarly difficult to remove without requiring a lot of work fixing the OS registry afterwards.

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