"open with..." doesn't work


I’ve got a strange problem: I can’t associate v4p-Files with vvvvbeta17 or higher in Win XP.

If I select a .v4p-file and select “open with” and then vvvv.exe it doesn’t work. vvvv doesn’t appear in the list of programs i can choose.

If I do the same with vvvvbeta16 it works perfectly.

Strange, isn’t it?

Thanks in advance, Gregor

if you say…“open with” and then “choose a programm…”?


Thanks for the answer

if you say…“open with” and then “choose a programm…”?

That’s what I did - I have selected “choose a programm…”, then chose the vvvv-directory (for example “vvvv_40beta19.1”), then vvvv.exe (I’m afraid this didn’t come out very clear in my first posting).

Whenever I do this, the .v4p-files are still opened with vvvvbeta16.

As this doesn’t seem to be a very common problem, I guess it’s my OS and not vvvv that causes the problem - maybe I have to reinstall win XP (something I’m not really looking forward to)…

Thanks anyways,


do you still need beta16? couldn’t you just uninstall and then remove it?

maybe you are not logged in as administrator? usually when you run vvvv as admin it registers itself with the filetype. so whatever version of vvvv you started last, will then be linked to .v4p.

maybe you ran beta16 once as admin. and since then only as user and so filetype cannot associated newly but still uses beta16…

Removing beta16 didn’t help, I have already tried it - but the hint that .vp4-files are linked to the version started last helped me get rid of the problem:

After starting beta19.1 once, all vp4-files open with it too!

Thanks a lot,