Open the Surface touch keyboard with vvvv

Hey there!

I’m having some trouble with the Surface and it’s Windows 10 embedded touch keyboard. Is there any way to give Windows some kind of a call to open the embedded keyboard automatically when you need it? For example in combination with the keywriter node ?

I’ve searched on google for hours without any matches… Seems like nobody had troubles with this before :-D

Thanks alot & greetings from germany!


hello moritz,

this might help, basically directly run the keybaord app osk.exe using the ShellExecute node:


I am getting “The requested operation requires elevation” error using shell execute advanced. With the basic shell execute it works just fine. Thats ok for my usecase but maybe its worth a look why advanced has this issue. Path is C:\Windows\System32\osk.exe


maybe try to start vvvv as admin… but yes, weird that it has a different access level.

As admin does not solve it.

mp.essentials has a LaunchOSK node, which opens or closes the windows touch onscreen keyboard.

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I got the same problem as tgd. But anyways, thanks to all of you for the fast replys! I’*ll try microdee’s solution as fast as i can!


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