Open old file

Good morning, I woud try to open a file last saved with version 2022.5.0.275

how can i do? I cant read it with the newste pre or the stable

The fuse nuget needs to be the right version too, if you look in dependencies, it will tell you which one it was saved with, if that isn’t installed on your pc, you need to install that too.
Sometimes you need to go through the red nodes too, looking for the lost ones, and relinking to the correct ones, for example some fuse maths nodes got recategorised, and you need to switch them to the right types again.

ok thank u so much

From the look of the file you sent you were using fuse version 0.02, that is really quite old, and many things have been reworked, and from the patch (which also uses media foundation instead of the newer video library) I’d actually suggest rebuilding in a new version of gamma. I think it would be quicker and easier. Saying that I just opened the fluid3d patch in 6.3 and there are some errors in the patch, so try it in 5.2 before you try 5.3. Where there a red nodes, double click on them and try and select them in the node browser, look for the one with fuse in the category.