Open native application from/ in vvvv gamma?

my goal: open an windows app in vvvv with all interactivity, its about google earth.

the first idea was to load it in the VL.CEF webrowser, but unfortunatly
it does not pass the loading screen, unlike opening it in any other browser.

i found an old topic for vvvv beta, so i already found the “execute” node,
wich fires up any app in an external fashion. so i could use that already.
instead of having the external application running inside vvvv i could run on top.

But id really love to keep proffessional feeling and have it running in a window inside vvvv.

Is that possible folks?
would be neat :)

I found the Screenrecorder Node,
via the VL.ScreenRecorder Nuget, wich is writing a Source Window
that i can select into a video file. I guess in my case i need to write it into a texture, but the screenrecorder node does not have pin like that.

So i am still looking for more breadcrumbs :)


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