Open links in _blank instead of _self

hi vvvvebmaster,
lately i noticed that if i click with middle mouse button (or ctrl+click) for opening the shoutbox links in another page, the site open the link correctly in a new window, but it open in _self too, so i must go back with the browser.
noticed that this behaviour apperareed when i installed google chrome beta 11. probably is a problem of the browser, but this behaviour appear only in the vvvv site, not in others (for example google).
don’t know if it can be fixed or not, hope it helps ;)

forgot to mention that a possible solution (and in my case appreciated) should be to target the link to _blank instead of _self :)

hi screamer,
I would classify this as a chrome problem/bug. target blank will eventually not be supported by xhtml strict. I’ve added target blank for the external links that you can create yourself with square brakets, the drupal link filter module won’t allow me to change the target for automatically converted links though. The target blank doesn’t seem to make a difference though, at least on on my pc (win 7 x64 w chrome 11).

further discussion will be here: