Open kinect 2

sooo nice: kinect2-nodes

Your opinions on hackability of the xbox version of the kinect2?
Freaking breakout board and firmware and who knows what else?

I am dying, hoping there will be something before official release of k4w next summer.
Open drivers already in progress:!topic/openkinect/7WbjaoZjssk

The Xbox One Kinect also uses USB 3.0 Type connector. Just unplug it from the back of the kinect. The only diffrence between a standard USB 3.0 connector is the pin arrangement at the top of the connector, instead of just having 2 pins there the xbox connector has 3 and a slightly diffrent arrangement than a Standard-B USB 3.0 connector. Tbh this sounds like something they would do so you can’t just use an Xbox Kinect on a PC that easily, maybe you just need to short circuit the third pin to one of the other two to make it work.

e: Ok scratch that, just found this interesting thread, seems like there is more to it but still sounds like something doable:!topic/openkinect/zlpXb-S9HSc

edit: forget my mindless mumblings. note to self: read then post… ^^