Open in patch in 26

Hi. Beginning new project on 26 so surely news in september and feedback in live patching conditions.

A remark, despite this magnifical 26 distribution, would that be possible to make on “Open in patch” the subpatch be opened at mouse position over the patch ?

actually its very difficult to find where is patch opened in a patch: far away from actual position or view.

works for me in beta26. but i remember having the problem with beta25 from time to time.

for now the node is placed, where you last clicked in the patch…

ah got it: double right click works in 26. not simple or left.


well joreg, its seems there is a bug around with beta26. working actually on a patch. This features is bugging. It opens, but dont know where is the patch in my main page:
neither right click, left click double click are taken as information
(patch attached)

on just click TTY renderer in beta26 shows up it cancelled dynamic plugin creation. (137.5 kB)

hm, not sure i can follow.

i do:

  • start vvvv.exe
  • in the empty patch i single-left-click anywhere
  • i press Ctrl+Shift+O (to “open in patch”)
  • select any patch
  • i see it placed the node of the patch exactly where i clicked in the patch

please try this and tell me it works. then make a similar stepbystep guide to what does not work for you.

i’d argue we cannot just take the current-mouse position as the mouse may not be within the patch window.

Hi joreg i using the menu not the shortcut. This bug occured only all the time in the patch i posted just up in the thread (skeleton eye). Maybe consequences of a leak?
In that patch open in ok for x but y positions are going down down down

here, same behavior mentionned by karistouf.

was able to reproduce this problem only when the patch was scrolled. this is now fixed. hope that was it.