Open exe error

Hi, I use devices.digiCamControl to control the camera, and when I export the exe and run it, I get the following error (no error reported when exporting), I check the json file and there is no problem.


When I click continue and send udp in another, I get the following error.


But in the editing(no export), there are no errors. What’s problem?


Are relative documents properly placed relatively to the .exe ?

Correct, when I click continue, I get a message(UDP), but every time an error message pops up.

i’m afraid it’ll be hard to guess what you’re probably doing wrong here. can you share a patch that demonstrates this?

This patch, Thanks! (25.5 KB)

you have two JsonReader nodes in that patch. one has “Deserialized Root element name” set to “data”, the other has it empty. the set.json file you’re reading, does indeed have no root object, as the error says. so in this case if i set a set a value for the “Deserialized Root element name” input on the second JsonReader node, i don’t see this error anymore. (haven’t tried export though, since the error already popped up without export.)

Thank you!I noticed that the XML problem was resolved, but when I exported exe, I prompted a Stride error on some computers, or other errors.

can you be more specific about what exact errors you get?
in general be aware of these required dependencies to install on target machines: Exporting Applications | vvvv gamma documentation if needed.