Open call for artists in Tenerife

As some of you already know I organize a couple of events in the island of Tenerife (somewhat Spain), namely NUMAcircuit and KEROXEN, this is an open call for the broader area of media art, may that be a concert, video installation, A/V performance, workshops.
NUMAcircuit is a smaller and more experimental festival with acts in different venues, and workshops in the modern art museum of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it is usually held in May, during a couple of weeks.
KEROXEN is a larger festival held inside a former gas tank (yep, a metal cylinder spanning 55 meters in diameter), it runs in November for 1 month and we have a nice 40x6m curved screen to play with).
I had the pleasure to host many vvvv users but of course that is not in any way a limitation so feel free to forward this call to your friends.
Generally speaking at this moment, I won’t be able to produce big budget events.
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