Open a VL patch from within a VL program


in a project I’m working at, bHiVE, every node is implemented as a single VL patch.
It would be super handy to be able to open each patch quickly if it needs editing, similar workflow to opening VL patches from vvvv for instance.

I guess this would be ideally done by adding some meta VL layer that would allow control of the VL editor, open a patch given a VL object name for instance. There would probably also need to be a way to tell which document file a VL object belongs to. Might also be useful in the Xenko integration maybe?

Next level of this would be actually embedding the editor, considering that VL uses (or is about to use?) Skia, then an Editor layer could be provided that would allow embedding a VL editor inside a Skia interface to allow lower level editing without leaving the program’s UI.

Here’s a mockup of how that could look:

I do understand these are really not things anywhere near top priority now, just throwing it here as I thought it might allow for some very interesting uses.


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