OOP: interface?


I think I am missing a basic point about vvvv.

I think I understand the module/subpatch concept.

As a programmer coming from other OO languages, is there any way to define an “interface” for a module?
… and then have the ability to plug in any module that has the correct inputs/outputs?

Is this possible?


this would be achived with simpliy replacing a module. to do so, doubleclick on the module you want to replace and type a letter to bring up the node pulldown list, or rightclick to bring up the node list. nodes with exactly the same in and out pins will be replaced seamless, means the connections remain.

another handy shortcut is, double click on the module and type in . (dot), this lists all patches, which are saved in the same directory like the current pach.

thats the exactly the reason why i’m praying the naming conventions of in- and outlets.

btw.: i didn’t know that dot thing by now, lovvvvely feature!
is this documented somewhere?
are there more features like this?

it’s a pity that the naming conventions cannot be viewed by mortals ;)

it seems that since that dot feature it is reserved to higher creatures.
perhaps we have to join the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to get access again.

meanwhile one could get some informationhere

@tonfilm why not linking your . thing trick over to west’s vvvv tricks page here!?

I don’t think I was clear enough…

Replacing the module is exactly what I want to do, but I want to do this in response to a bang (actually a MIDI message)… i.e. press a key and have vvvv load a different sub-module… and associate different keys with different modules so that I can “plug-in” different modules to different stages of the compositing process.

does this make sense at all?

yes it does! catweasel made a patch for that.