One shot waveplayer/sampler


we are using a waveplayer patch for our project (attached it). at the moment we are using loops which are from 4-60 secs long and they are mainly used as background sounds and are slowly faded in and out.

now we need some short sounds like a gun shots, which are come without latency by hitting the button of our controller.

therefore our question: how can we built some kind of “one shot” sampler, which starts the sample very accurate ? because the waveplayer only can be handled with loops…

many thanks for any kind of help! enjoy the sun!


sorry just saw I attached the v4p file twice…

sound.v4p (22.1 kB)

this is a little bit of a problem with vvvv: The FileStream node has a little less latency as the Waveplayer node, but it is also not quite convincing. As an additional annoyance the Filestream will not handle spreads, so you will need many objects which is also not nice.

another option would be triggering these sounds over midi. so if you use a software synthesizer (or even your soundcard´s cheap GM sounds) latency is much lower.
i think there should be little midi sampling programs around which allow you to load wav files and play these back. i recently googled for this but found no good and free solution. perhaps some VST plugin + a midi controllable VST host will do the trick.

note that in the AudioOut node you can select different drivers: DirectSound based or WaveOut based. i noticed that WaveOut has considerably lower latency but i think it can only used on one of all AudioOut nodes (if you need more).

ok thanks!