One screen / two Resolutions / Led Strips

Dear vvvv geniuses,

we make for a Club a ceiling with LED-Strips.

Now the Problem is, there are 104 LED strips, 52 with 87 LEDs, 52 with 52 LEDs.

They should represent one Screen. I use of course LinerSpreads, Cross and Pipet to get my awesome Patch to ArtNET. (Got already help for that, many thxs to sunep!)

But now I what this two different lenght in one patch using stallone to put both crosses togehter. (set output to PIN). My thing is, I am strugggeling with is the LinerarSpread.

input 0.5 lenght 1 is the whole Screen- clear. The relation of the lenght of 87 to 52 I was thinging of 52/87 to get the width of the second cross lenght. (the shorter one)

But even to divide the to crosses (LinearSpreads) to half of the screen (52 - 52 Strips) is a problem for me and I am stuck in try an error mode the whole night,

Is this all the right way to thing about that?

Please give me some advise or explain the LinearSpread to me some more (JustifyLeft for differnt LED-Strip length?) that i have a clue how my cross behaves.

Many thx,


here the the outcome of this night:liquidceilig.v4p (118.4 KB)

liquidceilig.v4p (198.4 KB)

sleeping and googling for merge spreads… (liquidceiling of course)

looking good. also go thru these:

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