One renderer on 4 screens - help


for a special projekt i need one dx-renderer in fullscreen on 4 screens.
like: 4x 1280x1024 = 5120x1024 :-)
now i have two GeForce 7800GTX in my pc.
so i have 4 adapters with 1280x1024
but i can only create two adapters with a resolution of 2560x1024 ; not one with 5120x1024.
only one adapter per card are possible at the moment, but i need a solution for creating one adapter by using both cards…

can anybody help ???

sory. i am afraid that is not possible.
you cannot span one renderer over two graphic cards. only two seperate span modes are possible as you mentioned.

with those matrox-splitters you could achieve the resolution of your choice with only one graphiccard! attach two of the splitters to the 2 outputs of one of your card. then create the desired resolution (in the drivers menu) and it should work. we’ve tried that with 4096x768. but 5120x1024 should also work. slower of course.


i trying to get a solution for my problem with two renderers… :-)


I am curious to know what the lowest resolution supported by the matrox splitters is.
Can I do 1280x640 out of my radeon 7500 powered notebook?
Even better…640x240 ;-)


vvvvj spank

here are the dualhead2go specifications