One page to rule all vvvv performances/installations

Hi, i know we have gallery of stuff that has been done with vvvv etc. but it would be great if we had a one page with all live performers / installations with description of:

  • current residency
  • type of performance/installation
  • gallery of previews incl. videos
  • length
  • how many people
  • what kind of tech is needed

right now i will be looking for artists for small animation festival in Slovakia, I have few tips but it would be great to know what is there to choose from, which embassies i can contact for support eventualy etc.

I think everybody would benefit from this :3
we can have page that always randomize all of the entries, etc.

it would be really good if there were specific thematic performances and installations, not personal profiles in general, so one person can have 3 performances for example

what do you think?

good idea @StiX, a dedicated page can also be called ‘PROJECTS’, include a wider spectrum of works and have two categories: ‘Work in Progress’ & something like ‘Finished’, or even ‘Open’ & ‘Closed’…

or to just simply have categories for different disciplines where vvvv has been used ((:

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I have my random vvvv stuff on my blog but i think is a good idea to have a list of projects, many projects are doing the same over an over on different latitudes by different people… but if i know that for example David made a great plugin for leapmotion or collorsound made a lot of dmx and boysync, i know who i need to call if my next projects involves any of this topics.

it could always be done outside of, but its nice there is login system here and everything, if you have ideas where it could be done go ahead and tell

otherwise i dont know if devs of this page want to sped time on something like this, i guess it will be all about what community wants in the end

i specifically want to target the exchange of people, contacts, for example, last node had some great things featured in projections and installations, why cant we have easy way to contact some of these artists and spread their work even more? Sure it always could be done by searching through portfolios, galleries, blogs, etc. but just having one page for works that are done with vvvv specifically, as i would love to support people (and software itself) from community with more exposure


well i want this to be aimed at organizers, not so much collaboration of creators, and i want it to list only active performances, for example i had a year when i was traveling a lot with one specific performance, so i would had my work listed there, after i moved on, made something new and did not wanted to do that previous anymore (because i am just like that) i would remove that entry from public

i think forums and gallery is ok enough for talking about specific ideas, asking about help with this and that, but to force every organizer browse everything to look for art pieces is not so good imo

we can even ask for a dedicated subdomain

Interesting, so more aimed at existing visual arts groups using VVVV as part of their performances… Would probably need to be a basic database with a few tables… Something like this?

Organization Name:
Brief description of the organization:
Contact Information:
Attach files: (ie PDF for organization)
Projects: (relationship to below)

Type of installation: ie, projection mapping, led mapping, etc.
Previous Installation Locations:
Image gallery:
Attach files: (ie PDF of installation)
Organization: (relationship to above)

@sunep: is of course exactly what the gallery blog is. it is meant to be a static backlog of things people ever did with vvvv.

from how i understand @StiX he’s proposing something more dynamic and specifically targeted at performances/installations that can be booked, so quite different to the gallery. definitely interesting, i am only chiming in here to say that i’m afraid we’ll not be able to build/host something like this here on we don’t have the resources. if however someone is building and hosting this we’d of course be able to link to it. so gogogo…

@joreg: most of all i want to hear what community thinks, if i even get support with linking from v4 it would be great

as i mentioned before, this should be catered most of all for organizers, that way it could help people from v4 community get exposure and pay, i want to aim it specifically at v4 because I dont know any other tool that has so tightly interwoven community with main webpage of the tool

so if u guys like it, and i get some ideas from people, i might build it, i should have enough resources for project like this

Hello @StiX,
my two cents on this topic:

  • Personally, I wouldn’t like to move from domain to browse installations made by vvvv community, as it wouldn’t make much sense to me
  • The wiki features of, and itself, could be of inestimable help to raise awareness about artists\projects\installations
    ** proper tagging and links could lead to forums, documentation, downloads, flattr and so on in a so much easier way on
    ** page editing should be familiar
    ** it is possible to embed images and video hosted somewhere else
    ** it is possible to somehow recollect stuff from galleria
    ** creating and editing would not depend on a single person, since everybody here could create and edit their stuff
    ** is already indexed by search engins, and that means a greater and more immediate exposure for artists\projects\installations
    ** in a community oriented thinking, the more people get to know, the best is for vvvv itself - it would also be “more compliant” to vvvv’s nature, imo
  • A page in the documentation, once properly linked in the main page and so on, could have all of those advantages
    ** On the cons
    *** there would be no automation: if a performance has ended, it should be manually re\moved
    **** anyway, why it should be removed? It could have past, present and future sections, imo
    *** Styling would not be so much flexible, as there are not so much css tweaks here

I understand that this would mean having double post about same stuff, or that either this possible section of docs or galleria - or both - would probably suffer from this (I’m not suggesting a rework of

I know these are sparse thoughts, but I wanted to share them.

Im not really sure how this would be any different to the gallery? Unless someone curates them into subheadings, you again end up with a big list of projects, they already include users names, often a link to the users website, videos etc. How is this different?


gallery is more like showcase of vvvv works, with lot of commercial works and site specific single events

I imagine it will use a lot more curation then gallery for example, I don’t know if you ever organized event with some performances and installations - gallery is not ideal for that, you cant be certain about works, was it only site specific? do people want to travel with it? you would have to write immense number of mails, spend a lot of time to wait for reply, request basic stuff which can be let known from beginning, saving a lot of work for people just by design

I began with this idea because i want to fill 6 spots on a festival, and gallery is good preview, but in the end useless when getting the works that I need, I need to work with my knowledge of community, with direct contacts I have because of node and forum
organizers that are not working with vvvv don’t have this knowledge and contacts (and I have talked about his with few of them)

TLDR: there is NONE of essential info for organizer in gallery, and blog style is not good for this type of work

Isn’t the point of curation the seeking out of works that you like, liasing with people whose work you like and seeing if theyre interested in either bringing the piece, or what I would find more interesting moving the piece onwards. So much media art is an evolving creature that by its nature changes in every incarnation/iteration. Its not that hard to send out emails, you dont even need to buy a stamp ;)
Also making a call for works is another way of looking at it, then people send you things they’re working on, just finished, or from the archive.
I’m saying this as I know for a fact, the gallery only represents a small amount of the work made by vvvv users, I’ve often met people who don’t even have forum names, even at node, even when they’ve been using it for more than 1 or 2 years…