One of those moments

…so after around 12 years or so of patching quite a few simple video mixer type things, and often abandoning them due to poor performance ( or so I thought) I finally found the pin to sort most of my worries…

…the evaluate pin for subpatches…

So I now have blackmagic capture
Dds player/sampler to ramdrive…vvvvery quick
Kinect video in
2d 3d patches
Midi and sysex for my leds and novation controllers
Rs232 to my tvone scaler
A nice gui.

All at 30 fps.

I feel both elated and incredibaly stupid at the same time…

RTFM ? ;/ :)

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Incredibly* duh…

Sounds good!
Would you mind sharing some more about the DDS Player/Sampler Ramdisk patch?



Im using an app called softperfect Ram disk to create an n gig ntfs volume with some predefined directories at startup.
I call this v: !

Then i use shell execute to copy a bunch of clips into clips01 ect…

I have another directory for capturing

Using writer node and a framecounter I can write around 350 frames to the ramdisk…then copy in background to my slow (but still fast ssd) playback all through player dx9

These are only 720x576 as im capturing from composhite but still weigh in at 1.7 ish mb.

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Thx, will try out.

interesting. the docs definitely have it but i do understand that you wouldn’t check the docs every day for changes.

i hope you’re aware of the monthly recaps and devvvv blog where we try to cover such topics when they are newly introduced.

this particular feature has also been discussed endlessly in forum threads. so i’d really like to understand how it could have escaped a veteran patcher like you. any idea what we could change/improve to reach people like you better with our news?

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Hi Joreg…

Many reasons…

I always assumed the enabled pin on nodes did that job. Or on group.

…evaluate is a hidden inspektor pin…

I am never surprised by my own stupidity though…

At least it keeps things intetesting for me!

Hey Joreg…

Ive actually been thinking about this alot.

Im not a typical vvvv user, Im 48 yrs old now, I discovered vvvv at around 33 when I was an AV tech, and fell in love with the grey quad.
Its only because I get (housebound) ill for around 3 months a year that I use the software to escape the boredom of my illness.

Ive never been much of a programmer, more of a “I know thats possible, how do I hack it together with anything I got” sort of person.
vvvv has made me realise more of what goes on now, and has made me buy a Raspberry Pi and start with Python. Anyways…

Some things I could do…to raise my knowledge…

read more Forum…I read everything…all the time, I often find even if I dont understand something the first time round,

it will make sense later.

Attend a node festival… (yup, I will do one day)

Watch more vvvvideos…the vveekend vvorkshops are great, but a large time investment…(but I got that)

There needs to be more documentation, help patches, greybook entries.

Then, I thought…

I need to actually meet some people IRL, who use vvvv.

So I went proactive in my area.

I went out and joined my local hackspace last week.

and on the first night, I showed around 6 people vvvv. I showed the stop frame animator who uses Blender a quick echo shader, the home automation guy a quick rs232 patch,

and an led guy the concept of spreads, they were all hooked with the simplicity and elegance and geekyness of it all.

They all surprised me by saying they had NEVER heard of vvvv before. 6 key members of a group of around 50 active members, who all talk alot, all share thier project knowledge on #Slack

now, all of them were familiar with node based languages, quartz composer, node red, processing, maxmsp, blender cycles nodes, and all manner of other softs
but not vvvv.


What do you do?

grin smugly at the fact you know of a vvvvonderful toolkit? and keep schtum?

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Nah, Im gonna teach em, and start a slack #vvvv channel on the hackspace.


clusterheadache survivor. vvvv user. RaspberryPi owner.


What happened to the concrete quads? can I buy one still? I need one in my life!

hey stull,

always good to hear about peoples backgrounds, thanks for your story. and thanks for spreading vvvv in your local community, really appreciate that!

just in case you’d like to use vvvv on a single board computer like the raspi, know that there are also little windows machines out there, like the udoo or the lattepanda.

and hope to see you demo a project at next node (which could also be a chance to get a quad, we’re not selling them atm).

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