One day a week teaching VVVV at the Creative Computing Institute, London

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for expressions of interest via email in a new role at the Creative Computing Institute (part of the University of the Arts London)

I’m looking for someone to teach one day a week (£200-£250 a day) on the Diploma in Creative Computing, starting next academic year (currently Monday October 19th 2020).

The tutor would be teaching units 3 and 6 (one unit per half of year)

Unit 3: Creative Practice: Visual Coding and Physical Computing

This unit is the creative application of the skills gained in this part of the course and you will produce creative visualisations that are controlled by sensors and actuators. This application of coding skills for visual output will include an introduction to physical computing and electronics prototyping with platforms such as Arduino.

Unit 6: Creative Practice: Computational Environments (20 Credits)

This unit builds on the creative practice developed earlier in the course and explores scaling that practice by developing spatial interventions. You will explore projection mapping, computer vision and sound tools to explore computational environments.

VVVV would be used for both units, with Arduino on the physical computing side.

The students are BA students who have taken an extra year to do a Diploma in Creative Computing - after the diploma they return to their original BA for their final year.

I think it would be suited to someone wanting to start their teaching career, or split their commercial work with more reliable teaching work.

is this an online remote course or are applicants required to work on site?


Hey Johannes,

Teaching will be onsite 1 out of 3 weeks - 2 out of 3 weeks will be remote.



@JGL Hi, I would like to chat with you , I have experience in Atmel/8266/esp32, all mixed with vvvv for all kind of projects. Also I have some experience in teaching, but I´m not in London, andresc4 at gmail

Hi @andresc4, I’m afraid it’s for people who are able to be physcially in London only I’m afraid.