One chopped texture

how can I apply an only texture to everybody the quads without is duplicated?
the texture should be chopped among all the elements.
I attach the patch in matter.

tasselli.v4p (4.0 kB)

You need to apply the same transform to the texture as too the quad itself. And sometimes you also need to compensate for scaling.

Check out THIS patch too…

tasselli22.v4p (5.7 kB)

you can use the Texture Transform pin to ‘chop’ your texture (aka transform it differently for every quad).

be aware: while the renderer coordinates of vvvv go from -1 to 1 (left side to right side of screen), texture coordinates go from 0 to 1. there is a module called RendererCoordsToTexCoords.v4p to fix this easily.

to check out what this means, try connecting your Uniformscale (Transform) the way you did before and see how it affects the texture. you could also connect the uniformscale directly to the Projection Transform pin of the renderer to save some hassle.

West: you might have been 3 minutes faster, but used one duplicate node and 2 links more than necessary! don’t give in to the dark side of the force! ;)

tasselli.v4p (5.5 kB)

@ west: compliments for the speed.

thanks thousand the method given me by west perfectly works.
the other no because the with the attractor the texture is not attached to the quads.
I have another problem.
I have replaced the quads with box 3D and adds the attractor and I wanted to create an effect rotation to the passage but when the mouse is not present the image it is not recomposed.
is there a way to also resolve this problem?

I attach the file of example

thanks thousand

tasselli 3D.v4p (14.2 kB)